Gallery TACTO open!!gallery TACTO がオープンしました!!

We opened new gallery in Oita, Japan called “gallery TACTO” which means tact, sence of touch in Spanish.

This is the place fro feeling art and people closely. with the antique, living room like atomosphere, I believe, we can create and feel art in a different way.

TACTO can be used for exhibition, workshop and event and I hope you have some idea to use it or you have some time to drop in from time to time.?

A new web site for TACTO is?
and I hope you will have time to have a look though the content is only in Japanese for now. (I will make English version soon)

Please let us know your opinion about the gallery or this web site. We will try to improve both virtual and actual space of Tacto and I will try to keep update info on this blog and TACTO site.



まだまだ生まれたばかりのこのギャラリーは、みなさんと共に成長していくことを夢見ています。 そしてあなたの意見や感想をぜひお聞かせください。