A alla Z

IMG_2051_2新潟のイタリアンレストラン「A alla Z (アー・アッラ・ゼータ)」さんのウェブサイト、メニュー、物販部門Pollo Neroのロゴ、パンフレット、ショップカードなどのデザインをさせていただき、先日オープンした店舗に伺いました。


I have made web, menu, leaflet, logo(“Pollo Nero” ) and shop card designs for Italian Restaurant in Nigata ” A alla Z”.

I am so happy to make total design for the amazing restaurant like A alla Z, and really surprised by the Space (design by Takuya Hosokai) and quality of food together. It is really something. Please have a look the web site and enjoy space and taste. then, I know, you feel like to visit the restaurant!





The menu was designed like good old address book and you can find main section of menu at the bottom of it. ?Lunch, Diner, Drink menus have white, black and brown colors and you can see beautiful wood textures. (logos are curved by laser cut machine)


IMG_1882_2物販部門「Pollo Nero=黒い鳥」のロゴは鳥の形とイニシャルのPとNから構成されています。ウェブサイトではロゴのアニメーションも確認できますので、ぜひこちらも併せて見ていただければと思っています。http://a-alla-z.jp/

Pollo Nero mean black bird in Italian language and also name of the area of the restaurant.
this logo can be seen as a bird, P & N , and also looks a bit similar to restaurant elevation and roof shape.

If you are interested in, please visit?http://a-alla-z.jp/pollo-nero to see the logo animation.




The web site was made to be really clean and based really on the full width picture.
simple but not too simple and informative. that is what I tried for this web site. Please have a look the web site and enjoy pictures of beautiful space and food!