“STUDIO Apro” Web Site

ロゴや名刺なども制作させていただいたStudio Apro(スタジオ アプロ)様のウェブサイトを制作し、今日晴れて公開となりました!!



Personal Training Studio “Studio Apro” has just opened the web site.

I have designed the logo of the studio with the shape of door which is inspired with the concept of the studio and the name “APRO” which means “open” in spanish. AND this time, I used the logo as a part of introduction animation of the site. ?it is quite simple but not too bad isn’t it?

The animation is designed with HTML5 (not FLASH !!) and you can enjoy it with your tablet or smart phone as well!!



The main site is also design designed with responsive design and the site have different layout depend on the size of the devices. I hope you have enough time to enjoy the site with different devices but of course I would recommend you browsing with your pc or mac.


Though the site will be running only with Japanese but I hope you have some spare time to go through the site.

Studio Apro